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This ultimate pregnancy bundle consists of the Mom to Be + Balance + Revive. The Mom to Be is our unique pregnancy supplement with premium ingredients. The Revive is our antioxidant and the Balance provides hormonal rest support. This three-unit is the premium upgrade for energy, vitality, hormonal balance, and resistance.



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Expectant moms! This is the time to take extra good care of yourself. Vitamins and minerals are the fuel for every cell in your body. Due to various reasons, deficiencies can occur, causing problems and symptoms. SUPS has thoroughly researched what mothers and expectant mothers need on various levels. This bundle offers -as the name suggests- an ultimate upgrade of your nutrition plan, focused on the growth of your baby, your vitality, immunity, and (hormonal) balance.






There is no need to take extra folic acid in addition to Mom to Be. Mom to Be contains the best form of folic acid, namely folate. This is a direct active form, which your body does not need to convert first.

There is no soy in Mom to Be. There may be “traces of soy” in it, which are virtually negligible, but the Commodities Act states that all allergens used in the manufacturing process of supplements must also be included in the list of ingredients.

Unfortunately, this means that many supplements have an allergen listed on their packaging even though they contain less than a microgram of it. This is also the case with soy. In other words, only if you are extremely allergic to soy should you avoid it. Spoiler alert: in mid-2021 the new Mom to Be will be released, without soy.

There are two types of vitamin A
1. Beta-carotene (in SUPS).
2. Vitamin A (not recommended to take too much of during pregnancy)

We specifically chose beta-carotene (you can also find this in colorful fruits and vegetables) this is a very nice provitamin, which is converted in the body to required vitamin A and is essential for healthy nails, skin, hair growth) This beta-carotene does not “stack” as much as normal Vitamin A, so it is 100% safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We chose provitamin A/beta-carotene because there is a proven increased need for it during pregnancy. “Ordinary” vitamin A is not necessarily completely discouraged during pregnancy. There is only a somewhat lower Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) during pregnancy. And that’s why it is recommended to avoid products with a high vitamin A (such as liverwurst), so you do not exceed the maximum. And that’s why (regular) vitamin A has got a somewhat negative image during pregnancy. This form is NOT included in Mom to Be.

We had to choose between so many incredible options when formulating all of our supplements. Unfortunately, there is only “room” for a selection of these. The expectant mother has certain specific needs due to her pregnancy, and that has been our starting point. Of course, vitamin C is a great and very important vitamin, which can also be taken very easily as an isolated vitamin, just like magnesium. That means, that you don’t take it in a multi, but (in high doses) in a separate capsule/pill. So the effectiveness is again stronger than in a multi. With our multi, you have a very nice range of vitamins and minerals for the 9 months, which may be supplemented on a personal level, as desired.

It contains a special form of folate (B11), which specifically has the claim that it supports the growth of the baby. And the other ingredients are great supplements for both you and your baby. It is an outdated notion that B11 would not need to be taken after 3 months. It is proven effective for the development of the unborn child, and from orthomolecular teachings is advised to take 200% throughout pregnancy.

Regarding the green tea extract combined with pregnancy & caffeine. In the REVIVE there are only the antioxidants of green tea, these antioxidants are extracted per capsule so there is too little caffeine in them to speak of a caffeine intake.

So you can just use them during your pregnancy, this is no problem at all.

Currently, there are discussions about the use and level of use of maca during pregnancy. The health team connected to our supplier/laboratory – which recommends the compositions to us – has released the Balance as safe for, and during your pregnancy and breastfeeding phase.

But still, some people advise against it, no matter which maca. You see that discussion a lot with supplements, by the way. Often when something has not been widely researched, brands decide it is better not to take it. Purely to be ahead of things. Understandable though.

SUPS has done extensive research on Maca. It is one of the oldest known ‘superfoods’ (a ginger-like root, with its origins in Peru) that has been used for thousands of years for and around women’s ailments, pregnancy, fertility, libido issues, menstrual problems, and menopause. It is a miracle drug if you can believe the hundreds of articles. SUPS gets the most amazing reviews on the Balance for a reason.

The upper limit of a safe B6 intake is 21 mg. The Balance contains 4.2 mg, so it is very safe.

In addition, SUPS has chosen the safest form of the B6 (P5P). The other form (HCI) has caused a stir in the media. While putting together the supplements, SUPS looked at what quantities could have a good impact on (in the case of B6) energy, hormone balance, and mood, without going overboard with extreme hyper-dosages.

The revive contains a whole bunch of antioxidants. And these have an extra powerful effect at night, during your natural recovery process, because there is no interference from other absorption processes. Also if you take it during the day you will benefit a lot. But just before going to sleep it can have a more powerful effect. Try it for a month and let us know!

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