Our Experts

Evi Dekker

I am Evi Dekker-Weger, transformation coach for mothers and mother of two boys (2014 and 2017). With Nieuwe Mama’s I support mothers in finding and following their own path in motherhood. And I help them to learn to trust their maternal instinct, their intuition, the primal power within themselves. I want to inspire you, to get to know your new ‘mom-self’. To allow changes, to look at what it means to you to be a mother. And what is – with everything that belongs to you now and everything what you still want to let go – to embrace. I do this by telling honest stories about motherhood, by sharing inspiration, tips, meditations, giving workshops (online and offline) and personal guidance.

Wilma van Dijk

My name is Wilma van Dijk and I am DISC certified + Transactional Analysis Practitioner. I like figuring out communication and behavior and the interaction between the two. And that’s what I do with my clients. I help female leaders or entrepreneurs to go next level by answering the question: why do I do what I do? And what you do, does it have the desired effect? How else could you do it with more effect? I do this through a DISC analysis + Transactional Analysis (but that is really substantive). So that these women grow as a person and in their role as a leader/entrepreneur, so that they will achieve their goals.

Sophie Meurs

Who am I? Sophie Meurs is an orthomolecular dietician and (experience) expert in the field of intestinal complaints. After completing her education in Nutrition & Dietetics, she sought to deepen her knowledge in orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular comes from the Greek where Orthos = Correct and Molecular = Concerning the molecules. In her practice, Sophie searches together with you for the underlying cause of certain complaints. She mainly supports people with intestinal complaints on their way to optimal health.

Mariëlla Wehman

My name is Mariëlla Wehman (1983), mother of four children and since 2017 an orthomolecular therapist. In 2018 I founded Atelier Vitaal. At the time of foundation I noticed that I was expecting my 3rd and 4th child. I applied all my knowledge as an orthomolecular therapist and pediatric coach during my twin pregnancy, resulting in an energetic, healthy full-term pregnancy. I felt more energetic than the previous pregnancies thanks to a specifically adapted lifestyle. You can be inspired through a personal consultation, a masterclass in my beautiful practice or book a workshop at home.