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Hey, sweet Mom!

You must be so tired. Possibly, you are exhausted. But you’re not alone! Truly, all moms are extremely tired at one point or another.
Whether you’ve just become a mom, or you already have had some years of practice, you get confronted with issues that lead to mental and physical struggles.

The most common struggles:

The list is endless..

I’ve encountered many of these issues, so I speak from experience; I recognize it all, because I had to push myself through my days, both physically and mentally. Giving up was no option, so I tried my best to find energy and just kept on going. Do you recognize this?

During the last two years I’ve researched more than 200 moms, who told me similar stories of their struggles. Truly all these mothers had at least one phase of extreme fatigue.

That’s why I believed a solution was needed for moms, and I found it!

My name is Maartje, founder of SUPS and mother of four young kids. Already from the birth of my first son, I found that motherhood was quite challenging. Besides all the joys, there are also downsides that are often not spoken about, but definitely control a large part of your life.

All in all, motherhood is challenging in many ways: physically, mentally and hormonally.

This can really shake things up for you and it can have a huge negative impact on your entire life. But found out there are ways to minimize this impact and how to become vital again, despite your new role.

After my fourth kid I decided to leverage my knowledge and experience in favour of exactly that goal.

I started developing a solution that supports vitality and balance for moms. With the goal in mind to empower women to keep on enjoying their lives.

Below I will tell you more about our beautiful products which I developed in a laboratory together with a Dutch health team and are 100% made with you in mind.

The Mom-Paradox:
In the years you need your vitality the most,
it feels like you’ve lost it all.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following points?

And do the following facts apply to you?

Due to this being so common for moms, we’ve made it our focus.

Before I tell you everything about our products, let me tell you something about the results.

Results our clients have felt, will give you a better picture of why it’s such a good choice.

We receive messages from women on a daily basis who’ve truly been helped by our SUPS.

A personal dream that has become a reality: all effects I’ve hoped to obtain with our products pass by. You can find a selection of these on our website and instagram (@sups.care), with their respective social handles for verification purposes.

What we often hear is

“My fatigue has changed to vitality”

“Mornings have become a lot easier”

“During the day I have a lot more energy”

“My clouded mind has become clearer”

“The moodiness has decreased significantly”

“My partner recognizes the benefit! Haha”

“My skin is clearer”

“My visits to the the toilet are smoother”

Now you might ask yourself, tell me how?

Drum roll…… this is how, high quality supplements from my brand SUPS. They are self care products which have been tailored to your needs as a busy mom, in such a way that it supports your cells optimally. And that really does something to your (overall feeling of) health. Apparently!

So, SUPS are premium nutritional supplements with ingredients that have stood the test of time and proven to be complementary and effective!

Why SUPS are the best choice?

They’re developed with your challenges in mind and best interest at heart

Honest choices, like fair trade suppliers, non-gmo and vegan ingredients, and recycled materials

Bundled sups have a synergetic effect and are a complete solution

Don’t just take my word for it…

Kaylie | @kayliekonings

I used Sups before I became pregnant and I immediately noticed a change in my body, shortly afterwards a miracle grew in my belly. Whether it was the Sups? No idea of ​​course. But the fact that I felt better certainly contributed!

Sharon | @miniandmebysharon

Life is full of surprises. Not knowing what was waiting for us after baby Bo was born, living in the US. Spending all this time together at home as a family was a gift and starting with the supplements of The Mom Plan at that time was just the perfect fit. It made me stronger in every way

Rosalie | @rosaliestegeman

My son, 8 weeks old, isn’t sleeping regularly during the night. So either am I. Since SUPS I am experiencing a lot more mental and physical health, even though the nights are still challenging. I also experience a better and quicker recovery physical and mentally after I gave birth. Without SUPS I simply don’t feel complete anymore. So a big thanks! And I hope SUPS will reach many more mothers out there.

All in one - our 3 star players as a bundle for you!

30 days premium, vegan and non-GMO supplements
all you need supplementen

What’s in your bundle?

This trinity is the ultimate upgrade for energy, vitality, hormonal balance and immune system.

A selection of the Health Benefits:

rise multivitamine


multivitamin for moms
balance label supplement


mind + hormone support
revive green powder supplement


antioxidant greens

These three supplements are offered in a bundle and that has its advantages:


The ingredients from the different products work together for a more powerful result.


We’ve made it easy for you to select the best ingredients that will help you so that you don’t get lost in the countless choices and brands that exist.


Together they cost a lot less than when you would buy them separately, or when you’d buy all the ingredients isolated.

What would this cost if you were to buy everything
we offer at a vitamin store on your own?

Let's compare the prices

Vitamin store

prices at a standard vitamin store
for 30 days
  • Premium multivitamin with 9 top ingredients - minimally €20,-
  • Vitamin D 500% - €17,95,-
  • Premium Maca - €20,95
  • Milk thistle and dandelion - €15,95,-
  • Vitamin B6 300%- €9,95,-
  • Green powder capsule - minimally €9,95


All in one bundle
55 for 30 days
  • RISE multivitamin with 9 top ingredients
  • BALANCE - mind + hormone support
  • REVIVE - antioxidants greens

To sum up, you would normally pay approximately €95,- for the same combination of supplements
Adding to that, you would have to take 6 supplements on a daily basis.
And you would have to choose the right variants in a sea of offerings, something we’ve already done for you.

SUPS combines all these ingredients conveniently  in the All-in-One bundle.
Not just the quality but also the bundled price is amazing, keeping it affordable for many!

Our separate SUPS products are €22,50 each, which would mean that the bundle of 3 would come down to €67,50.
We normally offer the bundle for €55,- which is a good price right?


Was €55,- NOW your first bundle for

€34,65 !!

after that still 10% discount per month! = €49.50

Completely non-binding subscription

The membership has many advantages, but if you do choose to use SUPS for just 1 month, you can easily cancel the same month.

As a member you don’t just enjoy the long term benefits of taking supplements, but many more:


Every month your package will arrive to your doorstep, and from now on you are ensured of a great intake of extra nutrients


You receive the member newsletter with a lot of knowledge about self care and nutrition AND offers from our partner brands


You automatically participate in our contests, where you get the chance to win products, free months and other perks


Every few months we have a fun surprise for you

Annelotte Lammers, mother of 3, founder Jenest.com
Annelotte Lammers, mother of 3, founder Jenest.com @jenestnl
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“This is exactly what I needed”
Tessa, mother of 2
Tessa, mother of 2@m.a.m.a.tessa
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“I sincerely cannot go without anymore!”
Rosalie Stegeman, mom of 1 and pregnant
Rosalie Stegeman, mom of 1 and pregnant @rosaliestegeman
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“Since the SUPS I experience much more calmness both physically and mentally!”

Do you also want to experience this? SUPS has been established with the mission to help as many moms as possible through challenging phases. Become a part of our SUPS community and experience all the benefits yourself!

Thank you for your time – I know it’s scarce! I sincerely hope you found some recognition in the stories, but especially that you treat yourself and take this opportunity to try out our wonderful supplements. Keep me posted on your experience via our socials!