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Product omschrijving

Looking for the perfect prenatal multivitamin with folate? Look no further. This product was developed by Maartje and her team of experts to help you through this amazing, but challenging time. This unique pregnancy supplement with high-quality ingredients has been created to provide a solid foundation of vitamins and minerals for your and your baby’s needs. So, you really glow throughout your pregnancy and your unborn child can benefit from the best support.

For whom?

If you are trying to get pregnant

If you are pregnant

If you want a natural form of folic acid to support the growth of your unborn child

If you want a supplement with the amounts of vitamin D and folic acid recommended by midwives

If you want more energy and vitality so you can enjoy your pregnancy to the max

If you notice that your energy level often drops during the day

If you feel that your pregnancy is very demanding, mentally and physically



  • contribute to the development of the unborn child and help to form the placenta (folate)
  • support optimal mental functioning and a clear mind (folate)
  • bolster resistance to stress (folate + zinc)
  • boost concentration (folate)
  • sustain blood cell production (folate)
  • have a beneficial effect on the immune system (folate, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, zinc)
  • activate natural energy reserves in the body (vitamin B12, iron)
  • help reduce fatigue (vitamin B3)
  • fortify natural protection of tissues and cells (selenium)
  • reinforce the body’s defence against free radicals (selenium)
  • improve skin health and accelerate hair and nail growth (selenium, zinc, vitamin B3)

* these health claims are approved by the EFSA


MOM TO BE - Composition and nutritional information

Ingredient Amount % of RDA
Vitamin C 72 ug 90%
Vitamin B3 16 mg 100%
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg 100%
Vitamin B7 100 ug 200%
Vitamin B11 (folate) 400 ug 200%
Vitamin B12 3 ug 120%
Vitamin D3 20 ug 400%
Vitamin K1 75 ug 100%
Iodine 150 ug 100%
Iron (UltraFer®) 14 mg 100%
Selenium 55 ug 100%
Zinc 15 mg 150%
Boron 5 mg -
Choline 50 mg -

Ingredients: UltraFer®, Choline bitartrate 98%), Calcium ascorbate, Zinc citrate 3 hydrate 31% Zn, Boric acid, Nicotinamide, Sodium selenite 0.98%, vegetable capsule (HPMC), rice starch, rice concentrate, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, Vegan Vitamin D3V ® Water Desp., Stearic Acid, Potassium Iodide 10%, Quatrefolic (5-MTHF Glucosamine Salt), Methylcobalamin 1%, Biotin, Phytomenadione (K1)

This is a CLEAN LABEL product, produced in the Netherlands. It is 100% GMO-free and vegan. It is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. There are no known contraindications for this product.


User tips

Take the recommended amount of each SUPS per day.

With a good meal.

With plenty of water. Do not ingest caffeine (coffee) 30 minutes before and after taking SUPS.

If you prefer, you can open the capsules and stir the contents into your yogurt or juice.

Build healthy routines to take good care of yourself.
You only have one body, so take care of it.

Healthy food is the core of a healthy lifestyle. Your supplements are a great way to supplement your nutrition.



In addition to MOM TO BE, you absolutely do not need to take any extra folic acid. MOM TO BE contains the best form of folic acid, namely folate. This is a directly active form, which your body does not have to convert first.

It contains a special form of folate (B11), which specifically claims to support the baby’s growth. And the other ingredients are a nice addition for both you and your baby.

The idea that B11 should no longer be taken after 3 months is a totally outdated. It has been proven effective for the development of the unborn child, and is advised from orthomolecular teaching to take 200% during the entire pregnancy.


Not only does MOM TO BE provide a great base of pregnancy vitamins and minerals, but we also used premium ingredients in which we are quite unique. Folate (B11) is the best form of folic acid, which unfortunately only a few brands use in their pregnancy supplements. Folate, unlike folic acid, has received the claim (a scientifically tested result) of “supporting the development of the unborn child”. This is THE reason to take folate instead of folic acid. And, of course, we combine everything in the perfect (recommended) amounts. We are proud of this beautiful pregnancy multivitamin, which can be taken before and during the entire pregnancy.