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Product omschrijving

Are you experiencing hormonal fluctuations and mood swings? Do you suffer from fatigue and lack of energy? Then the RISE and BALANCE set is your match made in heaven. Having maca and B6 as the main ingredients, combined with herbs known for their hormonal support, you can rest assured that this effective supplement is going to help you feel more balanced and resilient. RISE is commonly known as the perfect multivitamin and mineral combination, specifically developed to combat fatigue and lack of energy.

For whom?

When you experience mood swings that are unpleasant for you and the people around you.

When you experience complaints related to your menstrual cycle. Think of headaches, fatigue, binge eating, stomach aches, poor sleep, etc.

When you suffer from an irregular and unstable menstrual cycle and are looking for regular periods naturally and some peace of mind and body.

When you often feel stressed, agitated and restless.

When you notice that you are on a short fuse and you are easily out of balance, compared to previous months.

When you feel that hormonal imbalance. Think of a restless skin, irregular menstrual cycle, bleeding in between cycles, etc.

When you often feel tired and sluggish, which of course affects your overall sense of well-being.

When you experience more dips during the day and you crave for sugar.



  • Our potent multivitamin for energy and vitality can:
  • strengthen your immunity (folic acid, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, selenium, zinc)
  • activate your natural energy reserves (vitamin B12, vitamin C, iron)
  • fortify your normal resistance to stress (zinc)
  • bolster mental resilience (vitamin B1)
  • boost normal mental performance (vitamin B1)
  • help protect the cells and tissues in the body (selenium)
  • strengthen your body’s defences against free radicals (selenium)
  • improve skin health, hair and nail growth; consider it as skin care from within (selenium, zinc, iodine)
  • support the formation of red blood cells (vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid and iron)
  • help release energy from food (iodine)
  • benefit the nervous system (iodine)
  • provide essential building blocks for the production of thyroid hormones (iodine)

* these health claims are approved by the EFSA


  • Our multivitamin for hormonal balance to promote a feeling of well-being can:
  • positively impact your mental resilience (vitamin B6)
  • elevate your mood (vitamin B6)
  • bolster the beneficial effects of exercise and an active lifestyle (vitamin B6)
  • help ward off fatigue (vitamin B6)
  • support your normal hormonal activity (vitamin B6)
  • have a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B6)
  • boost the cleansing effect of the liver (milk thistle)
  • make a positive contribution to your mental health (maca)
  • help sustain your resistance to stress (maca)

Dandelion: The leaf, stem, flower and root of the dandelion have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes related to blood pressure, weight problems and stress.

Maca acts as an adaptogen. Adaptogens stimulate the body to achieve a better balance in the production of hormones. This can help to redress or prevent a hormonal imbalance.

* these health claims are approved by the EFSA


Rise - Composition and nutritional information

Ingredient Amount % of RDA
Vitamin B1 10 mg 909%
Vitamin B2 1,4 mg 100%
Vitamin B3 16 mg 100%
Vitamin B11 (folic acid) 400 ug 200%
Vitamin B12 20 ug 800%
Vitamin C 200 mg 250%
Vitamin D3 25 ug 500%
Iodine 150 ug 100%
Iron (UltraFer®) 21 mg 150%
Selenium 55 ug 100%
Zinc 15 mg 150%

Ingredients: UltraFer® microencapsulated iron pyrophosphate, rice starch, calcium ascorbate, vegetable capsule (HPMC), zinc citrate, riboflavin HF, nicotinamide, thiamine HCI, sodium selenite, vegan D3, rice concentrate, methylcobalamin, potassium iodide, riboflavin, folic acid.

This is a CLEAN LABEL product, produced in the Netherlands. It is 100% GMO-free and vegan. It is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. There are no known contraindications for this product.

BALANCE - Composition and nutritional information

Ingredient Amount % of RDA
Vitamin B6 4,2 mg 300% RI
Maca 80 mg (25:1) -
Milk thistle 100 mg -
Dandelion 50 mg (10:1) -

These capsules contain powerful extracts, so the effective values are:

Maca: 2000 mg
Dandelion: 500 mg

Ingredients: Magnesium carbonate DC, Carduus Marianum (80% Silymarin), Maca root extract (25:1), 0.6% macamides+macaenes, Taraxaci radix extract 10:1 (dandelion), rice concentrate, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, rice starch, vegetable capsule (HPMC).

This is a CLEAN LABEL product, produced in the Netherlands. It is 100% GMO-free and vegan. It is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. There are no known contraindications for this product.


User tips

Take the recommended amount of each SUPS per day.

With a good meal.

With plenty of water. Do not ingest caffeine (coffee) 30 minutes before and after taking SUPS.

If you prefer, you can open the capsules and stir the contents into your yogurt or juice.

Build healthy routines to take good care of yourself.
You only have one body, so take care of it.

Healthy food is the core of a healthy lifestyle. Your supplements are a great way to supplement your nutrition.



Supplements can be taken in different ways. You can take them for maintenance (normal dose), or to address a serious deficiency (hyperdose) or even in a therapeutic way (for example, a week of magnesium after an injury).

With the Mom Plan, SUPS achieves a solid maintenance level, and so also tackles minor deficiencies. We do not use hyperdoses. In RISE, SUPS has considered the absorbability of each vitamin, and a good value (sometimes over 100%) is necessary to supplement minor deficiencies. The Recommended Daily Allowances are values determined for moderate to normal activity. The challenges that certain phases in life entail (motherhood, pregnancy and breastfeeding) mean that you may need even more than the RDA. That is why we also use orthomolecular insights.

Vitamins A, D, E and K are not water-soluble and can accumulate in the body. This should be avoided. However, SUPS remains well below all the standards for Vitamin D. And it also uses a safe formula that makes stacking less dangerous.

The other vitamins, including B12, are water-soluble, so, you lose the excess through urination. Vitamin B12 is a special case too. You can only absorb a small percentage of vitamin B12 from supplements. And that is why a 100% value in a supplement will not be effective. The RDA is determined based on what you can absorb. That is why many supplements have a very high B12 content.

The fairly high dose of vitamin B1 in this supplement is a deliberate choice. B1 is known in orthomolecular medicine for its optimal priming of your cells for other micronutrients. B1 is also known for its powerful effect in supporting mental resilience.

For RISE, we have selected a special form of iron, which, unlike other forms of iron, has no side effects (such as constipation or a metallic taste).

For RISE, the iodine we have selected supports the functioning of your thyroid gland. For women, having a healthy thyroid gland is particularly important. The thyroid gland and thyroid hormone are responsible for controlling many processes in the body including: temperature, metabolism, energy levels and well as hair and nail growth. If the thyroid hormone increases your metabolism, this has a knock-on effect for other functions, such as heart rate, blood flow, body temperature, intestinal function, moisture balance, but also mental functions. If the thyroid gland is not functioning optimally, it can cause a diverse range of complaints and symptoms.


The maximum safe daily dose of B6 is 21 mg. BALANCE contains 4.2 mg, so it is extremely safe.

For BALANCE, SUPS has selected the safest variant of B6 (P5P). The other form (HCI) has attracted some negative attention in the media.

When formulating this supplement, SUPS examined which quantities of B6 have a positive impact on energy, hormone balance and mood, while steering clear of the potential negative effects of extreme hyperdoses.

At the moment there are discussions about the use and level of use of maca during pregnancy. The health team associated with our supplier/laboratory – which recommends the formulations to us – has released BALANCE as safe before, and during your pregnancy and breastfeeding phase.

But there are still people who advise against any maca. You see that discussion a lot with supplements. Often when something has not been thoroughly researched, brands decide to insist that it is better not to take it. Just to be in front of the storm. Understandably so.

SUPS has of done extensive research into Maca. It is one of the oldest known ‘superfoods’ (a ginger-like root, originating from Peru) that has been used for thousands of years in and around women’s ailments, pregnancy, fertility, libido issues, menstrual problems and menopause. It really is a panacea, if you believe the hundreds of articles. It’s not for nothing that SUPS gets the most amazing reviews about BALANCE.