Balance - mood & hormones


Do you feel imbalanced, do you experience mood swings, and feel like you could use some hormonal balance? Hormonal issues are an invisible and not very well known underlying cause of so many complaints for women of all ages. This unique supplement is developed with this in mind. Maca and B6 as the main ingredients for many benefits, plus herbs which are well known for their hormone and mind (brain, cognitive) support.



  • positively influences mental resilience (vitamin B6)
  • has a positive effect on the mood (vitamin B6)
  • can help improve vitality (vitamin B6)
  • fights fatigue (vitamin B6)
  • supports normal hormonal activity (vitmian B6)
  • positively influences functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B6
  • ¬†supports the detoxifying functioning of the liver(milk thistle)
  • positively influences mental wellbeing (maca)
  • helps during periods of stress (maca)

Dandelion: for decades people have been using the leef, stem, flower and root of the dandelion for medical reasons related to blood pressure, weight problems and stress.

Maca is an adaptogen. This means that it stimulates the body to be more balanced when producing hormones. This in turn helps prevent or repair a hormone imbalance.

* the points above are official EFSA approved health claims


BALANCE - Nutritional information

Ingredient Quantity % of the RDA
Vitamin B6 4,2 mg 300% RI
Maca 80 mg (25:1) -
Milk thistle 100 mg -
Dandelion 50 mg (10:1) -

Powerful extracten are used for this capsule.
The values included are

Maca: 2000 mg
Dandelion: 500 mg

Ingredients: natural filling agent (magnesium carbonate), capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), milk thistle (Canrduus marinas L.), Macarenas root (Lepidium meyenil Walp.), dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale Web.), rice concentrate (broken rice flower), pyridoxal 5-phosphate, rice starch.

This product is produced with a clean label, in the Netherlands. It is 100% non-GMO, vegan and suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
There are no contraindications known for this product.


User tips

Take 1 of each SUPS per day.

During a good meal.

With enough water and do not take caffeine (coffee) 30 minutes before and after the SUPS.

You can also open the capsules and stir them into your yogurt or juice.

Take care of yourself with healthy routines.
You only have one body so take good care of it.

Healthy food is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Your supplements are a great way to supplement your nutrition plan.



The upper limit of a safe B6 intake is 21 mg. The Balance contains 4.2 mg, so it is very safe.

In addition, SUPS has chosen the safest form of the B6 (P5P). The other form (HCI) has caused a stir in the media. While putting together the supplements, SUPS looked at what quantities could have a good impact on (in the case of B6) energy, hormone balance, and mood, without going overboard with extreme hyper-dosages.

Currently, there are discussions about the use and level of use of maca during pregnancy. The health team connected to our supplier/laboratory – which recommends the compositions to us – has released the Balance as safe for, and during your pregnancy and breastfeeding phase.

But still, some people advise against it, no matter which maca. You see that discussion a lot with supplements, by the way. Often when something has not been widely researched, brands decide it is better not to take it. Purely to be ahead of things. Understandable though.

SUPS has done extensive research on Maca. It is one of the oldest known ‘superfoods’ (a ginger-like root, with its origins in Peru) that has been used for thousands of years for and around women’s ailments, pregnancy, fertility, libido issues, menstrual problems, and menopause. It is a miracle drug if you can believe the hundreds of articles. SUPS gets the most amazing reviews on the Balance for a reason.

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