Keep your liver in balance for healthy hormonal balance

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Our liver has a huge number of functions to serve our body. One of the best-known functions of our liver is detoxification, rendering toxic substances, (body’s own) waste products and hormones. However, our liver also has an important task in keeping our hormones in balance and thus our fertility. 

What signals does your body give to take better care of your liver and how can you support your liver yourself? 

It is important that your body can detoxify properly every day, but it is just as important that you burden your body and your liver as little as possible every day by choosing unprocessed food and safe cosmetic products. Take care of the organ that helps you stay healthy!

Gezonde lever - Houd je lever in balans voor een gezonde hormoonbalans

The function of our liver and the importance of detoxification

Our liver has to process large amounts of toxins everyday day. It is a very important organ. The liver is located under your right lung and has a weight of no less than 1.5-2 kilograms, the largest organ in our body. Optimal functioning means support for your health, hormonal balance and a positive mood.

Our current environment is more toxic than before. Many toxins such as pesticides and antibiotics are poorly degradable and end up in our environment and drinking water. The task of our liver to protect our body cells against toxic substances is therefore more urgent than before. In fact, the influx is greater than our liver can handle and it is valuable that you support your liver in performing its functions and the detoxification process.

Liver functions

The liver has many functions. It is involved in the production of bile, digestion and absorption of fats, protein production, cholesterol production for the construction of hormones and body cells. As well as the removal of bacteria and the regulation of blood sugar. The most well-known, and also very important function of the liver, is to cleanse our body by detoxifying day and night. This process is called liver toxicity.

Detoxing is a delicate process

The liver detoxification process consists of phase 1 and phase 2. In the first phase, the liver collects waste products and makes them water-soluble so that our body can excrete them properly. In the second phase, the waste products are removed and/or rendered harmless. The correct execution of phases 1 and 2 is a delicate process in which both phases must be carried out effectively to prevent toxins that arise after phase 1 cannot be removed. If these waste products continue to circulate in the body, health problems will arise. Specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients are required on a daily basis for accurate execution of phases 1 and 2. A deficiency of a certain vitamin disrupts the detoxification process. Keep reading as we explain which foods and vitamins are indispensable to help your liver work properly. 

In addition to phases 1 and 2, another important process that takes place is the production of antioxidants. The liver needs enough antioxidant enzymes to protect you. Its production depends on the presence of sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This requires a lot of nutrients.

What makes detoxification difficult?

Alcohol, pesticides, drugs such as sleeping pills and painkillers, viruses, too many processed carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and insufficient protein in our diet all negatively affect the production of antioxidants. That is the moment when you will  develop complaints.

Symptoms that occur with an overloaded liver

  Symptoms that indicate impaired detoxification and overloaded liver are:

  • Tiredness and/or difficulty getting started in the morning
  • Skin problems
  • Headache
  • Pain in the liver area and/or pain and irritation under the right shoulder blade
  • Hormonal complaints such as PMS: irregular and painful menstruation and sensitive breasts.
  • Fluid retention (oedema) around the legs and eyelids
  • A bloated feeling around the stomach area
  • Hair loss

Did you know that infertility can also be a symptom of an overloaded liver and too many toxins present in the body?

If you recognize a number of these symptoms, you should start with getting orthomolecular advice. As you can imagine, medication puts further strain on the liver, which can exacerbate health problems.

Protect your liver by applying these 3 tips

If you recognize a number of symptoms of an overloaded liver in yourself, you can support your liver by following these 3 important orthomolecular advice.

Relieve your liver

Chemicals that do not enter the body do not need to be broken down by our liver. Choose organic vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, fish and other foods.

Did you know that non-organic foods are very high in endocrine disrupting pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics? Replace toothpaste for a fluorine-free variant (the oral mucosa sublingually absorbs toxins directly into the bloodstream) and opt for Clean Beauty as much as possible. These are cosmetic products that are free of silicones, parabens and sulfates. Also replace household products by choosing products without harmful substances. 

Relieve your liver and avoid or limit caffeine, alcohol and processed food that you recognize by the many E numbers. With that cup of coffee in the morning you immediately put your liver to work.

Attention to your intestines and digestion

Restless intestines with complaints such as bloating, abdominal cramps, flatulence, constipation or loose stools indicate that you can optimize your intestinal flora and digestion. In addition, it is nice if you get rid of these complaints.

  • In the morning, take a glass of warm water and add fresh lemon juice. This ensures the production of enzymes that help with better digestion.
  • Don’t give pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi a chance to survive in your body by adding turmeric, garlic, onion, ginger and coconut oil to your menu daily.
  • Add fiber and good bacteria to your intestinal flora by choosing
  • high-quality pre and probiotics cure of three months for a healthy intestinal flora and regular bowel movements. The SUPS digestion cure contains fiber and a broad spectrum of good bacteria.

The antioxidant that takes care of your liver: glutathione

Glutathione contributes to the detoxification process, healthy immunity and helps your cells to stay young and vital! It is a particularly important substance for our detoxification and the removal of toxins, such as xenoestrogens, heavy metals and pesticides. Make a soup of vegetables rich in glutathione: asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, onion and garlic. Puree the soup and freeze portions so that you can prepare a bowl of soup for lunch every day.

Food that supports the liver detoxification process

The liver detoxification process requires accurate output of stage 1, stage 2 and the production of antioxidants and a variety of nutrients. We discuss how you can let the liver perform its tasks properly with nutrition so that your body remains in balance.

  • Eat varied daily! Do not eat the same breakfast every morning, but vary weekly with 3 to 4 different types of breakfast, such as a vegetable omelet, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, a vegetable smoothie or a protein shake full of fruit and vegetables. Your dinner also varies every day, let that also apply to breakfast and lunch.
  • Increase the intake of (vegetable) proteins. Proteins are important in detoxification.
  • Put cruciferous vegetables on the menu, such as broccoli (sprout), cauliflower. Broccoli sprouts have a powerful detoxifying effect that continues to work for days after ingestion.
  • Buy at least 10 different fruits and vegetables every week. Each variety has its own vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants that nourish your liver. Eat some of the vegetables raw. If you prepare vegetables, you can preferably steam your vegetables. This way you retain all the nutrients.
  • Herbs have a powerful effect on proper liver function and the recovery of liver cells. Milk thistle is a liver tonic that counteracts toxic liver stress. Milk thistle protects the liver. Milk thistle is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It even promotes breast milk production.
  • Dandelion is an herb that further stimulates our digestion and liver detoxification process. You want to be able to excrete toxins after breaking down, dandelion has a cleansing effect on the excretory organs, such as the kidneys and bladder. With BALANCE from SUPS you support your liver, hormone balance and energy management thanks to the ingredients milk thistle, dandelion, maca and B6. Indispensable for overall balance!
  • Drink more than 2 liters of water, coconut water and herbal tea daily so that you can properly excrete the broken down toxins.

These of vitamins, minerals and herbs are indispensable for your liver

In addition to the orthomolecular nutritional advice, we are happy to tell you which vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants are essential to optimally carry out the liver detoxification process.

  • Phase 1: Glutathione, B vitamins, milk thistle.
  • Phase 2: Required vitamins: B6, B11, B12, proteins, cruciferous vegetables, sulfur from leeks and garlic, choline via organic eggs. If you also leave out processed food and get enough sleep, this phase will proceed correctly.

The aforementioned B vitamins, milk thistle, dandelion, selenium, zinc and antioxidants can be found in the correct dosage in the products of SUPS: RISE, MOM TO BE, BALANCE and REVIVE. It will therefore not surprise you that the women who use SUPS quickly feel energetic and balanced. Their liver can do what it is supposed to do again: purify the body!

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