Which SUPS to choose?



Being pregnant, giving birth, (possibly) breastfeeding, the broken nights, much more responsibilities, a different food plan due to a different live, less time for yourself, less intimacy. And even after the first phases as a newborn mom, it keeps on being challenging. New phases, new challenges…

Our supplements and our bundles are designed with this specific goal in mind: to make you feel energetic, strong and balanced, so you feel more able to thrive during these challenging phases.

We have developed 4 different SUPS which can be taken individually or in combination. We developed it in such a way that you can order a pre-packed combo of our best SUPS that perfectly matches your wishes & needs. We already did the thinking and made the best combinations for you.

Look at the picture – check your personal challenges in this picture, and you will find the bundle that suits you perfectly!




Do you feel tired and have a lack of energy? This nourishing multivitamin and mineral helps combat deep-seated fatigue. The combination of ingredients in RISE are designed to make you more energetic and works on different levels.


Do you find it difficult to maintain a perfectly healthy diet plan for yourself? Do you doubt whether you are getting enough fruit and vegetables because of your choices? Could your immune system use a boost? This product contains the equivalent of 2.5 servings of fruit and vegetables in antioxidants.


Do you feel unbalanced, experience mood swings, and feel like you could use some hormonal balance? This unique supplement was developed with this in mind. Maca and B6 are the key ingredients with many benefits. And you’ll find in Balance herbs known for their hormonal support.



Looking for a perfect prenatal multi with the best form of folic acid? You’ve found it. This unique pregnancy supplement with high-quality ingredients is made with these needs in mind, to upgrade your nutrition plan with necessities for both mom and baby.



Then the All in One bundle with RISE+BALANCE+REVIVE is your best choice. This bundle gives you an all-in-one package with supplements for 30 days. The goal of this bundle is to strengthen you on several levels from the inside out, using our knowledge about moms.

Energy, immunity, and balance were our pillars in designing these three SUPS.

Then the RISE+REVIVE BOX is a perfect fit for you. This bundle is a very good one for supporting energy, vitality, and immunity in various ways. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants do their work at the cellular level, in favor of strengthening your feeling of being able to handle it all!

Then we would recommend the RISE+BALANCE BOX. It was developed to support you in your energy level, vitality, and hormonal balance

Then you should choose the Preg All in One! This bundle offers -as the name suggests- an ultimate upgrade of your nutrition plan, aimed at the growth of your baby, your vitality, immunity, and (hormonal) balance. The multi included in this box (the Mom to Be) also contains the best form of folic acid, namely folate. This is a direct active form, which your body does not need to convert first. So there is no need to take folic acid separately!

You found it. The Mom to Be. An expectant mother wants to prepare her baby and her body as best she can. Before and during pregnancy. She has very specific needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals. This unique pregnancy supplement with quality ingredients was created with these needs in mind, to upgrade a regular feeding plan with supplies for both mom and baby.

Then we recommend the Mom to Be BOX. Our unique pregnancy supplement MOM TO BE with premium ingredients is made with these needs in mind, and together with the little green angel REVIVE you will upgrade your regular nutritional schedule with necessities for both mom and baby.