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Which bundle should I choose?


Then the All in One bundle with RISE+BALANCE+REVIVE is your best choice. This bundle gives you an all-in-one package with supplements for 30 days. The goal of this bundle is to strengthen you on several levels from the inside out, using our knowledge about moms. Energy, immunity, and balance were our pillars in designing these three SUPS.

Then the RISE+REVIVE BOX is a perfect fit for you. This bundle is a very good one for supporting energy, vitality, and immunity in various ways. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants do their work at the cellular level, in favor of strengthening your feeling of being able to handle it all!

Then we would recommend the RISE+BALANCE BOX. It was developed to support you in your energy level, vitality, and hormonal balance.

Then you should choose the Preg All in One! This bundle offers -as the name suggests- an ultimate upgrade of your nutrition plan, aimed at the growth of your baby, your vitality, immunity, and (hormonal) balance. The multi included in this box (the Mom to Be) also contains the best form of folic acid, namely folate. This is a direct active form, which your body does not need to convert first. So there is no need to take folic acid separately.

You found it. The Mom to Be. An expectant mother wants to prepare her baby and her body as best she can. Before and during pregnancy. She has very specific needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals. This unique pregnancy supplement with quality ingredients was created with these needs in mind, to upgrade a regular feeding plan with supplies for both mom and baby.

Then we recommend the Mom to Be BOX. Our unique pregnancy supplement MOM TO BE with premium ingredients is made with these needs in mind, and together with the little green angel REVIVE you will upgrade your regular nutritional schedule with necessities for both mom and baby.

Product questions


SUPS is a new brand/concept of supplements for women. These supplements help in the different and challenging phases of life. SUPS has developed several labels specifically for these different phases. The first label THE MOM PLAN is designed for moms to feel strong enough to handle the busy mom life. The second label BLOOOM is made for pregnant women. This supplement nourishes pregnant ladies and the baby during pregnancy.

The Mom Plan are supplements developed for mothers. These supplements help you feel energized, strong, and well during the first years of motherhood. This period is considered the most challenging, partly due to the broken nights, hormonal fluctuations, constant care, and new responsibilities. To help you feel strong enough to handle these phases well, SUPS has developed several supplements that specifically address the needs of mothers. Read all about our products on the product page.

Blooom is our supplement plan developed for and during pregnancy. These premium SUPS are developed with the right essentials during all trimesters of your pregnancy. It is carefully formulated to nourish both mothers and babies – in addition to a healthy diet. Keep in mind, however, that these supplements are not meant to replace a healthy eating plan. Make sure you are making healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Our body is made up of human cells, these are the basis for our tissue, organs, and blood. They are the building blocks of life! All these cells together are what make you! It makes perfect sense that a lack of essential macro-and micronutrients (the fuel for feeding these cells) would cause you to feel less good. Unfortunately, today’s mainstream diet does not provide the nutrients it used to. Because of poor soil, early harvests, and rapid increases in processed food choices, we are creating a shortage of essential vitamins and minerals. A good nutrition plan is the best basis for nourishing the body’s cells, but by taking high-quality supplements you can make up for common deficiencies – at the cellular level.

We recommend taking the SUPS during the first or second meal of the day with a large glass of water. The ingredients of RISE are better absorbed when taken with a meal. Do not use RISE right before bedtime. BALANCE should be taken with a full glass of water to support the effects of the ingredients. REVIVE can be taken along with any other supplement. To optimize the effects on your cells (of the antioxidants) it is best to take REVIVE before bed.

Our (100% recycled) dark-colored jars are made so that the negative effects of bright areas (for example, the kitchen) don’t stand a chance. You don’t need to store them in the fridge or put them away in a dark place, just make sure they don’t go above a room temperature of 23° C

Yes, you can! The capsule does not need to be swallowed. You can mix them into a cold smoothie or yogurt. There are many different possibilities. It is only inadvisable to mix them with coffee, tea, or soup.

Yes. We have designed The Mom Plan & Blooom SUPS to be safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are pregnant we recommend the Blooom bundle. This provides the best support for you and your baby during your pregnancy. These SUPS support your nutrition plan with all the essential substances needed during all stages of your pregnancy.

We could write a book about this! But we’re going to try to keep it simple and above all honest. Our supplements are developed based on thorough and extensive research among women, with your needs in mind. During the design process, we decided to focus on addressing deficiencies, creating maintenance, and the therapeutic function of the ingredients. This means that some ingredients work behind the scenes and some show their presence directly. When your deficiencies are greater, the results will have been noticed (about after a week). When this is not the case most people – after taking the SUPS daily – notice the first results after a few weeks. The first result that will be noticeable is energy, in some cases, this is already noticeable on the first day of intake. But for more vitality and immunity we advise you to be patient. Eventually, you will be surprised about the long-term effects. Please share your experiences via we love to receive them!

All ingredients are of natural origin and not genetically modified. The products are checked and inspected for quality and content, they pass the most severe tests. They are designed and produced by a certified manufacturer based in the Netherlands. This manufacturer has decades of experience in producing nutritional supplements.

Soy: Mom to Be contains soy
Dairy: all our SUPS are 100% dairy-free
Gluten: none of our SUPS contain gluten
Nuts: none of our SUPS contain nuts

All of our SUPS are 100% vegan.

We are very proud of the choices we make in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. You can read all about it on the page ‘OUR PHILOSOPHY’.

Our main packaging is made of recycled paper and plastic Our labels are made of bagasse (a sustainable residue from the sugar cane industry) We have also chosen a fantastic charity to support. We support Plumpy’mum which develops and makes nutritious energy bars for women in need.

A specific brand is not directly scientifically tested. But the individual ingredients are. And that’s why there are miles of scientific studies on vitamins and minerals. There are specific claims that you are allowed to use as a supplement supplier/seller that are very explicit. We use these on the website as PROVISIONS. So these are proven results from scientific research.

Delivery & ordering & returns


In principle, we use the principle “ordered before 14:00” the next day in the house if this is a working day or Saturday. Unfortunately, we do not influence any delay in the post

If you place an order for more than € 30, – euro and you live in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany then the shipping costs are free. Do you live in the rest of Europe? Then shipping is free from € 100, – euro or € 7.50 per shipment.

After placing an order you will receive an order confirmation. As soon as the package leaves our warehouse you will receive a track & trace so you can follow your package. Be sure to check your SPAM if you have not received an email!

This can happen! Please email us at and we will resolve it for you as soon as possible.

We easily ship to any country in Europe, but if you live outside of Europe, please email us at and we can discuss options.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Once an order is placed our warehouse takes over and your package is prepared for shipment. If you have placed a wrong order, please mail us as soon as possible at, and together we will look for a solution.

Supplements ‘may’ not be returned due to safety reasons. Should you – for whatever reason – want to return and/or exchange the SUPS please send us an email at and we will look for a solution together.

We are sorry to hear if you are not satisfied with our SUPS, our service, or our online shop. We take your complaint seriously and will do everything we can to find a suitable solution. Please contact us at

This can happen! Please contact us as soon as possible at and we will fix it for you.



We know our clients! As a mom, you are busy, at home, at work, with your child(ren) and all the responsibilities that come with it. As a SUPS member, you are our VIP customer and you will receive your SUPS every month automatically. So convenient, you never have to look back. After receiving the first two deliveries you can unsubscribe every month without any obligations. Email us at when you want more information, want to unsubscribe, or want to change your subscription.

Yes, of course! You can arrange everything about your membership in your personal account. Do you want to receive it a little later? Prefer every 5 weeks? Do you want to change your bundle? Or do you want a break? No problem. You can log in to your personal account at our website and you can arrange everything yourself. Fast, easy and transparent.

When you take out a membership you can choose to pay by direct debit or by credit card. In both situations, the monthly fee for the SUPs will be debited automatically. So you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

We do not like complicated memberships that you are stuck with. So we do not do that at SUPS either. A membership is there for your convenience. You can cancel or change your membership every month. So you can be happy every month with your bundle of vitality, energy, and balance.

Besides the fact that you will receive your SUPs automatically at home every month and never have to worry about your payment again. SUPS membership offers you many extras. For example, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on your bundle every month. And since the SUPS members are very valuable to us you will regularly receive little extras.

You can log into ‘my account’ via the following page: My Account

Off course! You can also arrange this in your personal account. You can log in at