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SUPS is a brand/concept focused on supplements for women. These supplements have been developed to help women through the highs and lows of each phase of their lives. SUPS has developed different labels specifically for these different phases. The first label, the Mom Plan, was developed with the focus on moms, to help them feel strong enough to handle every aspect of a demanding life. The second label,The Pregg Plan, was customised for pregnant women. This supplement plan provides high quality vitamins and minerals to nourish pregnant women and their babies throughout pregnancy.

My Bundle is our supplement plan designed for women. On this page you can create your own personal supplement plan. Taking your personal needs and challenges into account.

Just remember that these supplements are not intended to replace a healthy diet. Make sure you also make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

The Mom Plan is our supplement plan designed for mothers. These supplements help you feel energetic, strong and well during the first years of motherhood. This period is seen as the most challenging, partly due to disrupted sleep, hormonal fluctuations, having to give constant care and new responsibilities. So that you feel strong enough to handle these phases, SUPS has developed various supplements that specifically focus on your needs as a mother.

Read all about our products on the product page.

The Pregg Plan is our supplement plan customised in preparation for and during pregnancy. These premium SUPS have been developed with the perfect combination of ingredients for all trimesters of your pregnancy. The plan has been carefully formulated to nourish both mother and baby as the ideal supplement to a healthy diet.

Just remember that these supplements are not intended to replace a healthy diet. Make sure you also make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Your body is made up of  cells, which are the basic building blocks for the tissues, organs and blood. These cells make you what you are! It makes perfect sense that a lack of essential macronutrients and micronutrients, the fuel for nourishing cells, would make you feel below par. Unfortunately, today’s average diet does not provide all the nutrients that women need. Poor soil, chemicals in the environment and the food chain, early or unpredictable harvests and an increase in the consumption of processed food, mean that our diets may not provide us with all the essential vitamins and minerals. A good nutritional plan is the best basis for nourishing the cells of the body. By taking high-quality supplements, you can make up for common deficiencies at the cellular level.

We recommend taking the SUPS with a large glass of water during the first or second meal of the day. The ingredients of RISE are better absorbed when you take them with a meal. We do not recommend taking RISE just before you go to sleep. BALANCE should be taken with a large glass of water to support the effects of the ingredients. REVIVE can be taken in combination with any other supplement. To optimise the effects of the antioxidants on your cells, it is best to take REVIVE just before you go to sleep. ALIVE is best taken after your evening meal, so that it can work optimally in your intestines.

Our (100% recycled) dark-coloured pots are made in such a way as to withstand the negative effects of bright light. You don’t have to keep them in the fridge or store them in a dark place, just make sure the room temperature does not exceed 23 °C.

Yes! You can. You don’t need to swallow the capsule. You can mix the ingredients with a cold smoothie or yogurt. You can take SUPS in many different ways, for instance, with coffee, tea or soup.

Yes, absolutely! We have developed the SUPS to be safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. If you are pregnant, we recommend the Pregg Plan. This will provide the best support for you and your baby through pregnancy. These SUPS support your nutrition plan with all the essential substances you need.

We could write a book about this! But we will try to keep it simple and honest. We developed our supplements based on a thorough and extensive study of women, with your needs in mind. Throughout the design process, we decided to focus on addressing deficiencies as well as providing adequate quantities of the ingredients for maintenance and therapeutic purposes.

This means that some ingredients will work behind the scenes while you will feel the effects of other ingredients immediately. If you have greater deficiencies, you will notice the results faster, in around a week. Many people start noticing results after a few weeks of taking SUPS daily. The first thing you are likely to notice is an increase in your energy levels. You may notice that from day one. But for more vitality and immunity, we advise you to be patient. Ultimately, you will be amazed at the long-term effects. Please share your experiences with us via hi@sups.care. We’d love to hear from you.

All SUPS ingredients are 100% natural and 100% GMO-free. The products undergo rigorous checks and inspections for quality and content. They are designed and produced by a certified manufacturer based in the Netherlands. This manufacturer has decades of experience in producing natural nutritional supplements.

Soy: MOM TO BE contains soy
Dairy: Our SUPS are 100% dairy free
Gluten: Our SUPS do not contain any gluten
Nuts: Our SUPS do not contain any nuts

We are very proud of the choices we make in respect of sustainability and social responsibility. You can find out more under the heading ABOUT SUPS.

Our packaging is made from recycled paper and plastic. Our labels are made from bagasse, a sustainable residue from the sugar cane industry.

We have also chosen a fantastic charity to support. Plumpy’Mum develops and produces nutrient-rich energy bars for women in need.

No specific brand is scientifically tested. But the individual ingredients are.  There are numerous scientific studies available on vitamins and minerals. The specific claims that a supplement supplier/seller uses have to be properly substantiated. We state these on the website as BENEFITS. These are proven results derived from scientific research.

The short answer is, yes! All SUPS products can be taken in combination with other supplements. However, we do not recommend taking two multivitamins (RISE or MOM TO BE) in combination with each other, or taking one of the ingredients from this multivitamin separately. For example, we do not recommend taking RISE in combination with a separate vitamin D3 supplement.

SUPS works on different levels. First, the supplement works to address deficiencies. Second, it provides a maintenance dose of essential vitamins and minerals. Third, it can have a therapeutic effect, a more specific effect of one of the ingredients. This mainly applies to BALANCE. Although it also works on a maintenance level.


RISE + MOM TO BE + REVIVE certainly contain the right ingredients for addressing deficiencies and for maintenance. This means, for all SUPS, you continue taking them for as long as you wish. There is no end date. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Of course! The ingredients work for everyone. Every woman can take SUPS to help her deal with the complaints that we aim to address with our products.

If you are a woman and you want to increase your vitality, improve your hormone balance and boost immunity – go ahead and create your own bundle on our MY BUNDLE page.

MOM TO BE provides a solid foundation of vitamins and minerals, including some unique premium ingredients. Folate (B11) is the best form of folic acid.  Unfortunately, only a few brands use it in their pregnancy supplements. Unlike folic acid, folate has been scientifically proven to be effective in “supporting the development of the unborn child”. This is the main reason to take folate instead of folic acid. MOM TO BE offers you a perfect combination of the ideal quantities of exactly the right ingredients. We are extremely proud of this exquisite multivitamin that you can take before and during your pregnancy.

Delivery, orders and returns


In principle, in the Netherlands, if you order before 2 pm today, your order will be delivered the next working day. Inthe rest of Europe, a delivery time of one to three working days (99%) applies. Unfortunately, we have no control overpostal delays.

When you place an order for over €30 and you live in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, shipping is free. If you live elsewhere in Europe, shipping costs of €7.50 per shipment apply. Shipping is free for orders over €100.

When you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation. As soon as the package leaves our warehouse, you will receive track and trace info, so that you can track your package. Be sure to check your SPAM box if you haven’t received an email!

That can happen! Please contact us at hi@sups.care and we will deal with it as soon as we can.

We can ship to any country in Europe. If you live outside Europe, please contact us at hi@sups.care and we can discuss the best shipping options for you.

Sorry – that is not possible. As soon as an order is placed, it is passed to our warehouse and they prepare your package for shipping. If you have placed an incorrect order, please contact us at hi@sups.care as soon as possible and we will find a solution.

In principle, supplements ‘may’ not be returned for safety reasons. If, for whatever reason, you want to return and/or exchange your SUPS, please contact us at hi@sups.care and we will find a solution.

We are unhappy that you are not satisfied with our SUPS, service or online shop. We take your complaint very seriously and will do everything we can to find a suitable solution. Please contact us at hi@sups.care

That can happen! Please contact us at hi@sups.care as soon as possible and we will resolve it for you.



We know our customers! As a mom, you are busy, at home, at work, with your child(ren) and with all the other responsibilities that you have. As a SUPS Member, you are our VIP customer and you automatically receive your SUPS, at home, every month. We have made it as convenient as possible for you. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Once you have received the first two deliveries, you can unsubscribe, at any time, with no strings attached.Please contact us as at hi@sups.care if you want more information, to unsubscribe or change your subscription.

Yes, of course! You can arrange all the details of your membership via your personal account. Do you want to receive your delivery a little later? Would you prefer to receive it every five weeks? Do you want to change your bundle? Or do you want to freeze your delivery? No problem. Via our website www.sups.care you can log on to your personal account and arrange all the details, exactly as you want. It’s fast, easy and transparent.


When you take out a membership, you choose to pay by direct debit or credit card. Either way, the monthly payment for SUPS is debited automatically. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

We like to keep things simple. So, that’s exactly what we do with SUPS. Membership is for your convenience. You can cancel it, change your delivery or adjust the delivery date to suit your needs. So, every month, you will be happy with your bundle of vitality, energy and balance.

Not only do you automatically receive your SUPS at home every month and you don’t have to think about your payment, SUPS membership offers you many extra benefits. You automatically receive a 10% discount on your bundle every month. And since SUPS members are very valuable to us, you regularly receive little extras that we know you’ll love.

You can log on to ‘my account’ on the following page: My account

Yes, of course! You can also arrange this yourself via your personal account. Log on via www.sups.care

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