Clarity gives so much back

By: Wilma van Dijk

clear is kind For both yourself and others!

Do you recognize those moments when halfway through a meeting you say ‘Oh sorry, I didn’t get around to that…’ or when you say to your husband ‘Oh sorry, I’ll help you with the kids, but I have to finish this email…’ or that you cancel a date with a friend at the last minute because you really don’t like it… or that you are just tired of keeping all the balls high? Then you are not alone.

Whether you as a mother are looking for more balance or want to live more ‘in the now’ or just want to go to the next level… it all starts with being honest and clear.

Honesty about your schedule. Honesty about your feelings. Honesty about your energy. Honesty about everything. Clarity about what you can and cannot do on this day. Clarity about what your priorities are. Clarity on what to expect from you right now in this situation with this question. Clarity about what you want.

Loving clarity: My name is Wilma van Dijk, owner of Bold Coaching and Advice.

As a leadership coach, I help female leaders in education, healthcare and business to be the courageous leaders that the Netherlands so badly needs. And courage requires honesty and clarity. Many of my clients are managers and mothers. We often make the comparison with motherhood and parenting.

We also discuss various myths surrounding the themes of being clear and honest. As women, we tend to think that we are not nice or not loving once we are honest and clear with ourselves and the other.

Brené Brown puts it so beautifully in her book ‘Dare to Lead’:

“Sometimes speaking the truth feels like we are being unkind, especially when sharing difficult information or feedback. But in reality, dancing around the truth is unkind. When we avoid stating the truth – when we are vague or ambiguous under the guise of being kind – it is often because we are trying to lessen the discomfort for ourselves, not for the other person.”  

I believe in something I call loving clarity. If you are very clear to your child that he is not allowed to cross the road or you even stop him… then you agree with me that you are absolutely loving as a mother because you protect your child from the cars on the busy road . So you can be very clear and honest and be loving. Just don’t confuse loving with a nice feeling and always say YES. A YES sounds better and gives a nicer feeling, but sometimes the NO is more important.

The YES sounds better, but sometimes the NO is more important.

Sometimes you want to say yes to your girlfriend for a nice night out, but sometimes the no is the right answer so that you can say yes another time. A resounding yes that you know you can fully enjoy because it’s right now.

Three steps that work in every stage of motherhood: As a just-starting mother, a lot comes at you and from experience I can tell you, that will never stop. Because when one phase closes, you enter another phase. Our eldest Daniel will be 4 years old in July and that means that we have got a little more freedom and we don’t have to watch him every minute, but with going to school new things come to us. Children’s parties, school trips, play appointments and soon swimming lessons and sports and…

Whatever stage you are in, these three steps will help you be honest and clear:

Step 1: Recognize Learn to listen to your feelings. Learn to recognize when you cross a boundary. Whether that be physical or mental. Better yet, learn to recognize it before crossing the border.

Step 2: Acknowledge Put it on the table. By pronouncing it literally, you recognize that the feeling is there and may be. By acknowledging and naming it, space is also created to solve it. You can’t change something if you don’t put it on the table.

Step 3: Explore In the last step you will explore a solution. What are the possibilities? Where can you slide? Say no? say yes? Ask for help?

Do you find yourself full? That you have to keep too many balls high? Recognize the signals, acknowledge it by discussing it and explore the options. What can you stop doing? Who can help you? What do you get energy from?

The next time you find yourself trying to cram something into your calendar because you want to be nice when you already know it’s not feasible, remember the words of Brené Brown Clear is kind. Be honest and clear and with that also loving towards yourself and the other.

Where and when do you choose Clear is kind from now on?


PART 1: What is this ‘connection with yourself’?
By Evi Dekker-Weger (New Mama’s)

More and more we hear about the connection we have with ourselves and that this can help to discover and express our authentic self, but what is this connection actually? How can we find it? And how do we know that we are actually connected with ourselves and make decisions from there?

This is part 1 of a blog series of 3, and in this part I will answer all the questions above and share useful tips with you on how to not only connect and strengthen the connection with yourself more often, but also how you can tap into the wisdom within you to approach difficult decisions and challenges in the right way for you.

Before we get started with practical tips and clarifying exercises, I would like to take you through what this ‘connection with yourself’ actually is and how you can consciously recognize it.

Questions to yourself
Just as you have relationships with the people around you, you also have a very important relationship with yourself. While we are usually aware of the relationships with our family, friends and acquaintances, we are less often aware of the relationship we have with ourselves and how we shape it. To look at it consciously, you could therefore ask yourself the following questions, for example:

– How do I talk to myself?
– How do I make myself feel?
– What do the decisions I make affect myself?
– How do I treat myself compared to other relationships?
– What do I do to make the relationship with myself fun and loving?

Besides the fact that we can pay much more attention to these questions and the relationship with ourselves, by asking these questions we also seek the connection with the deeper layers of ourselves and our core: the place where our deep, inexhaustible, inner wisdom is hidden. . There you will find the answers to all your questions, to all those questions that only you can answer, to all those decisions that only you can make.

This is also the reason why I think it is so important to share this with you. If you know how to use the connection with yourself to answer your life questions in your own way and thus dare to trust your inner wisdom more and more, then you have everything in your hands to be able to live your most authentic life. With this you not only enrich your own life, but also the life of your environment and you can create a ‘ripple effect’ for everyone on this earth, which you may not even be aware of.

Enjoy the process
But now back to the connection and how you can investigate whether you live and act in connection with your authentic self. Before I tell you more about it, something important: So far I have not met anyone who is always completely in touch with himself and who only and completely dares to trust his or her inner compass. So if you are reading this now, if you feel that you have become disconnected from yourself or that you are currently completely disconnected – that is totally okay and normal. Allow yourself to embrace this and take small steps from this place. How nice is it if you experience more connection in a while and how great if you can consciously start this whole process now! Give yourself time, relax and enjoy the new discoveries that come your way.

Create the life that suits you
We often organize our lives according to what seems logical, to what we can understand and we solve challenges by using our smart mind. There is of course nothing wrong with this, only there is a lot more outside our heads. There are many more processes, connections and solutions that are beyond our heads and that we cannot understand at first with the logical tools that we are given.

Perhaps you recognize the following: You have a feeling about something or in a kind of flash of thought something comes to your mind. It makes you happy and enthusiastic, but you also immediately think of 10 reasons why it is not possible, why it is inconvenient, why it is not the right time, why it will not work and why it is better not to do it. Often this is the end of our beautiful inspiration and we move on with our lives.

If that feels good to you and if you’re not curious about what would happen if you gave that idea a chance, then that’s perfectly fine, of course, but – and I know that from experience, and I’m sure you should too – it’s not. always like this. Maybe your hunch will come back to your mind a little more often or things will happen that try to bring you back and ask you to pay more attention to it. And then I would like to encourage you to investigate and fully understand and feel what you are allowed to do.

Do you get – despite all the doubts, worries and fears – very excited and happy when you think about it? Then try one

to take a step in this direction. And also feel what happens in you when you think about leaving it and not examining it. Does that feel nice and relaxed or do you feel a kind of disappointment coming on?

Personally, I often describe the connection with myself, the connection with my inner wisdom as a soft but at the same time powerful voice or feeling that is very clear, loving and clear, but often also illogical – something that I cannot fully understand in my head.

While I experience the thoughts from my head as logical, sometimes somewhat unclear, strict orders, which I can fully follow and understand, but which often also arise from fear or uncertainty.

At the same time, trusting our inner wisdom takes courage, because we have to leave our comfort zone and often go against the advice of our environment, who cannot understand our decisions. As a result, we are quickly inclined to base decisions on our rational thoughts, in order to face less resistance from ourselves and our environment.

But as you know, you especially grow if you look up resistance and dare to leave your comfort zone – and then create your most beautiful life.

So living in connection with yourself is certainly not always the easiest way and you will encounter great doubts, challenges and resistance if you make the decision to follow your authentic path and your enthusiasm against all advice and logic. It takes courage and self-confidence and at the same time allows it to grow with every step you dare to take.

Living in connection with yourself not only means that you can create the most beautiful life for yourself, but also that you can have a huge positive impact on many other lives.

In connection with yourself, in connection with your inner wisdom, so much more is possible than the smartest mind could ever imagine – will you take the plunge?

In the next part of this series I will share three simple tips with you on how to strengthen the connection with yourself and in the last part I will discuss how you can deal with the challenges that a life in connection brings and how you will succeed – even if you experience resistance – to continue to follow your authentic path.

Do you already want to know more and get started with clarifying exercises and valuable tips? Then sign up for the free online masterclass CONNECTION – The connection with yourself, which you can follow wherever and whenever you need it.

Love and until the next blog,

Evi – New Mamas

IODINE, of great value to mom and her baby and a booster for feminine beauty and wisdom

IODINE, of great value to mom and her baby and a booster for feminine beauty and wisdom.
By Mariella Wehman, orthomolecular medical therapist – Atelier Vital

Iodine doesn’t sound that fancy. However, don’t underestimate iodine! Iodine is somewhat sacred as a building block for the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. These hormones are necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, an organ with a beautiful shape. It is shaped like angel wings. And why would that be? To protect you, if you ask me.

Iodine blesses you with femininity and wisdom. Your natural beauty is supported by it. Iodine is food for your thyroid gland. If you nourish your thyroid in the right way, it will shower you with thanks: beautiful skin, warmth, natural weight and mental peace.

Maybe you recognize yourself in the following: coldness in your nose, feet and fingers, unexplained weight gain, prone to depression, fatigue and dry skin, eyes and mouth? Or are you bothered by fluid retention, especially in your legs? There is a good chance that you have an iodine deficiency and that your thyroid gland is not functioning optimally.

The WHO shares that 37% of the Dutch population experiences an iodine deficiency. The chance that you belong to this is therefore quite real. Pregnant women in particular are an important risk group. When you are pregnant, your iodine requirement is increased to support the proper brain development of your unborn child. During the pregnancy, the need for thyroid hormones increases and there is a higher need for iodine. Optimal production of thyroid hormone is vital for the (brain) development of your unborn baby.

Post-natal care for your thyroid

There are a number of classic lifestyle issues that negatively affect the functioning of our thyroid gland: taking a contraceptive pill, prolonged stress and periods in which you sleep less. If you recently became a mom, these themes are very topical in your life. Taking care of your baby often goes together with worrying about your baby, your role, your relationship; which in turn causes stress. It is inevitably you will sleep less after the birth of your baby. Are you breastfeeding? Then you experience that, albeit with a lot of love, you also give energy to your child through breast milk and that you definitely need more nutrients. Unfortunately, an increased chance of unbalancing your thyroid gland.

So, are you pregnant or have you just given birth? Then you now know that you can give your thyroid some extra attention.

For everyone else, certain lifestyle choices can create a disturbance in the absorption of iodine in the body. The consumption of soy products, the intake of aspirins, active sports (through sweating) and a vegetarian lifestyle also cause an iodine deficiency.

Dear mom, and dear mom to be, what can you do to make your thyroid gland work for you to maintain your femininity and wisdom and to support the growth of your child?

Take the Sups RISE or Sups MOM TO BE daily for a dose of vitamins and minerals crucial: iodine, selenium, vitamin D, zinc and B12. Both supjes contain the wonderful daily recommended dosage of iodine of 150 µg. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your daily dose of iodine may contain as much as 200 µg. So feel free to supplement with food such as seaweed pasta, food from the sea such as cod, mussels, kelp, (organic) eggs and (organic) Full Milk.

If you read this you will also understand why I think the Sups MOM TO BE supplement is a very valuable maternity gift for your sister or girlfriend! She will be so grateful to you for it, and so will her partner and baby.

A woman empowers a woMOM!


Maca, a natural mult vitamin

Maca, a natural mult vitamin
By Mariella Wehman, orthomolecular medical therapist – Atelier Vitaal

“Maca”: the word is somewhat mystical. Exotic too. But despite its magical effects, Maca is “just” a root vegetable. But one with very special properties. Medicinal even. I will tell you how you can benefit optimally from these properties.

Another word for Maca could be “multivitamin” or “energizer”. The benefits that you experience almost immediately after taking Maca are enormous. For women, but also for men. A true gift from Mother Nature, who knows what we need. After all, she created us herself and therefore provides us with only the very best.

Maca (Latin: Lepidium meyenii) grows in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. The Incas used it as a natural stimulant. And that is not without reason. The tuber’s underground stems, whose roots resemble a radish, store nutrients for times of scarcity. Nutrients where you can benefit greatly from! Especially when you are going through rough times. In the event of a setback, an imbalance can arise in several areas, mentally and physically. This can manifest itself in, for example, fatigue, hormone fluctuations and even gloominess. And of course you want to prevent that!

Insight into energy providers and energy guzzlers is crucial. Only when you know what nourishes or harmes your body & mind, you can anticipate problems and offer your body solutions. This offers advantages, for both yourself and your environment. Because how you feel affects the roles you have in life. For example as a mother, partner, girlfriend or colleague.

A crucial role in your hormone balance

We quickly attribute many physical and mental complaints to (a disruption) in our hormone system. And often this is indeed (part of) the cause. What many people don’t know is that you can influence your hormone balance. And thus your energy balance and well-being. Balanced nutrition is the basis for this. and Maca can play a crucial role in this.

Why? Maca gives you wings. Really! Thanks to its very high nutritional values.
Maca contains a hefty dose of B1, B2, vitamins C, E, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iodine. It also contains a lot of fiber, which contributes to a healthy intestinal flora. And that is very important! Because vitality starts in your intestines. The absorption of nutrients, a good hormone balance, becoming and staying vital to pregnancy; in all these processes you need a healthy intestinal flora.

Mystical customization

Does Maca have anything mystical about it? Oh yes! Maca provides you a customized treatment. As an adaptogen, it stimulates the production of hormones or, where necessary, slows it down. In other words; Maca continuously ensures a good balance. A few days after taking it you will notice that Maca is doing its job. You feel more energetic, cheerful and more happy. This helps you to lower your stress level, increases your stamina and even increases your iron levels. Bye anemia! Thanks to the 18 vegetable amino acids that Maca contains, Maca even has a positive effect on the production of muscle tissue. That literally and figuratively makes you the most powerful version of yourself! And as icing on the cake, Maca also has an exotic touch. It increases the libido and fertility of both men and women! A true gift.

And how does Maca actually taste? Caramelly with a soft, nutty flavor.

Preferably take your BALANCE capsule with a green smoothie or mix it with your oatmeal breakfast, for example. This ensures better absorption in your intestines and strengthens the effect of the ingredients.

Recipe with Balance

A treat for yourself: Cacao-Maca Latte.

Mix oat milk with two teaspoons of raw cocoa powder
and the powder from the BALANCE capsule
in a milk frother. Instant energy!

Happy Balance, happy MOM!